Deadman’s Island

On June 1, 2013 at Herb Lake Landing MB we will dedicate a plaque to the memory of the persons who are buried in the abandoned graveyard at Herb Lake. This has raised questions about other gravesites along the lakeshore before the establishment of the graveyard circa 1934/5.

This is from Peter Dunlop: There is a grave supposedly on Deadman’s Island. (Quite) a few years ago I was on that island shortly after some canoe tourists who had camped there departed. They had started a fire which wasn’t properly put out which consumed most of the underbrush and burnables. When I got there it was still smoking. There is a typical prospectors type rock trench on the island but I didn’t see any sign of a grave. Because it is mostly rock it struck me as a difficult place for a gravesite.  Does anyone have info on a gravesite, or how the island was named?


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