Voters’ List 1958

Comment by Hazel Corman:  My name is on the voters’ list but neither Jim or myself remember voting in 1958.  We were in Herb Lake for a couple months at that time to help Jim’s dad, Albert, with the winter fishing and we stayed with his folks. Eric and Mary Stoltz lived next door.  Merle and Darlene were babies and Mary and I used to pull them in sleighs all the way to Eric’s parents’ place for afternoon tea.

This was the same winter, just before Christmas, that Mrs. Stoltz passed away.  She got up that morning and baked her Christmas cakes and then she told Carl that she didn’t feel good, so she went to sleep and passed away.

When Carl discovered that his wife had died, he phoned Cormans, whose ring was 2 long and 2 short, and they went over to his house. Jim then drove his Dad’s bombardier to Snow Lake over the frozen lake to bring the Mountie back to Herb Lake.  Bombardiers were large vehicles with treads that could travel on snow and ice, used for winter fishing.

 It was a stormy night to travel over the frozen lake and Jim recalls that coming back to Herb Lake, the Mountie got  tangled in the cord that was used to tie the passenger door closed.

It was sad for the community when Mrs. Stoltz died but we will always remember her making Christmas cake before she passed away.


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